Springvale HDD Award

UEA Trenchless has recently been awarded the construction of 883 metres of a 710mm water main and two 140mm communication lines. The works include two bores alongside one another for both the water main and communication line. These works form a part of the Mount Piper Water Treatment Project that will deliver water between the Springvale Mine and the Mount Piper Power Station.

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UEA’s Trenchless Division Takes Delivery of the New Gallagher 660 HDD Rig

UEA’s Trenchless Division has taken delivery of its new Gallagher 660 HDD Rig, designed and built in Australia by Gallagher Engineering on the Gold Coast. With the increasing demand for larger diameter pipes over longer distances, the addition of the new 300 tonne pullback machine to UEA’s existing fleet of HDD rigs ensures the company is more than capable to meet the growing demands of the infrastructure boom currently underway in Sydney.

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